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Weather Damage Repair & Services in Lowell, Serving Lawrence and Andover, MA

Did your vehicle sustain weather-related damage needing repairs? Contact us for a free estimate and repair in our state-of-the-art facility by certified technicians. Continue reading about the most common weather damage repair services. Schedule a free estimate today at Nucar Lowell Collision Center.

Paintless Dent Removal

Paintless dent removal is usually the ideal repair technique when your auto body takes a pounding from hail, but the paint remains intact. Paintless dent repair is completed faster and avoids the time and expense of repainting. Contact us for paintless dent removal if the dent has intact paint.

Dent Repair

Dent repair is a traditional technique that involves pulling the dent and repainting. Contact us for a conventional dent repair that restores the pre-damage look and contour of your auto body dent features paint damage.

Windshield Repair and Replacement

Weather often causes windshield damage ranging from minor hail chipping to severe shattering due to fallen tree branches. Whether your vehicle has minor or major windshield damage, we will inspect the damage and recommend the correct technique that restores glass integrity, contour, and appearance.


Weather can wreak havoc on auto body paint. We provide painting service regardless of the extent of the damage. We provide repainting with the perfect color match. Contact us for a free estimate if the weather caused damage to the auto body paint. We have state-of-the-art preparation stations and downdraft paint/spray booths for the best results. We’ll match the original color perfectly unless you prefer a different color.

Insurance Experience

A significant percentage of weather-related auto body damages involve insurance claims. We welcome all insurance companies and have extensive experience helping customers expedite the claims process by working directly with insurance representatives. Never hesitate to contact us if your weather-related damage involves an insurance claim.

Free Estimates

We understand that weather-related auto body damages and dealing with repairs can be an unfortunate hassle and unplanned expense. Free estimates are one of the many ways that we enhance customer convenience, service value, and satisfaction. A certified technician inspects the damage, notes the involved components, and formulates a repair plan to provide you with a written estimate, including the pertinent repair service details with cost. Many customers get free virtual estimates for maximum speed and convenience.


Customers needing weather-related repairs can schedule service online or by phone. We invite you to check out the current service specials that make your experience more valuable and satisfying. During regular hours, you can also call the collision center with questions and schedule service with our friendly and helpful staff.

Contact us

Please reach out to Ashley Boisvert at for immediate assistance after hours.