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Post-Accident Checklist from Nucar Lowell Collision Center

Have you been in an accident? If so, you should follow the post-accident best practices that protect your safety and financial interests. Being involved in an accident is stressful and often overwhelming. Following these recommendations will keep you safer and prevent mistakes, ensuring that you best manage the situation. Contact us with questions at Nucar Lowell Collision Center, serving Lawrence, Andover, Billerica, and Chelmsford, MA. 


Injuries Check

Be mindful of safety first and try to remain calm. The first step is to assess involved persons’ injuries, health, and safety. This information is vital when contacting emergency response in the next step. If the accident involves injuries, call 911 and do not move passengers with serious injuries.


Move into a Safe Position if possible & Call 911

Vehicles involved in accidents yet remain mobile should be moved out of harm’s way, to the side of the road, off the road if possible, and out of traffic. Once positioned safely, contact the police, and they will send an officer to the location. 


Accident Documentation

Post-accident insurance best practice recommends thorough documentation. Drivers with mobile devices equipped with cameras should take pictures of the damage from several angles. We recommend documenting the other vehicle(s) involved, including the make, model, year, and color. Include a written description of the damage, date, and time. The goal is to document as thoroughly as possible. It’s okay to talk with other involved drivers but never accept responsibility for the damage, nor make apologies for the accident regardless of the details. You can exchange contact information, insurance details, driver’s license numbers, and license plate numbers. 



Involved drivers should contact insurance companies to file claims. Most drivers file a claim to pay for repairs when the damage cost exceeds the deductible. You can begin the repair process by calling your insurance company


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