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Two-Wheel Alignment Service in Lowell, Near Lawrence and Andover, MA

Our complete auto body and collision repair menu includes a computerized two-wheel alignment service. We employ certified technicians who perform two-wheel alignment services in our state-of-the-art facility using computerized equipment that returns wheel angles to laser-precise specifications. Our investment in certified technicians and computerized equipment allows us to perform two-wheel alignment services for all front-wheel-drive (2WD) makes and models. Continue reading about the importance of wheel alignment to tire life, driving comfort, and safety. Check the monthly maintenance offers to reduce the cost of computerized two-wheel alignment service, then contact us to book your appointment at Nucar Lowell Collision Center.

Two-Wheel Alignment & Maintenance

Front-wheel-drive vehicles achieve forward momentum with torque at the front wheels exclusively; the rear wheels spin on a fixed rear axle. The front wheels are susceptible to incorrect angles as the suspension components loosen due to driving incidents, such as potholes and fender benders, and expected depreciation with enough miles driven. Faulty wheel angles wreak havoc on tires, driving comfort, and safety if left unattended. Prominent automakers recommend wheel alignment maintenance every 12 months. Drivers also need a wheel alignment check and adjustment if out of specs after a fender bender or other driving incidents like hitting deep potholes. The telltale signs of bad two-wheel alignment include pulling toward one side of the road and rapid/irregular front tire wear.

Computerized Two-Wheel Alignment Service, Near Billerica and Chelmsford, MA

Local drivers choose us for quick, convenient, and precise two-wheel alignment services. Our certified technicians have vast experience performing computerized two-wheel alignment services for front-wheel-drive (2WD) models. Two-wheel alignment service involves measuring the camber, caster, and toe-in using computerized equipment and adjusting the front suspension to return the angles to factory specifications. When completing two-wheel alignment services, we thoroughly inspect the tires, front suspension, braking, and steering components.

Schedule Two-Wheel Alignment Service at Nucar Lowell Collision Center

Customers can schedule two-wheel alignment service appointments online or by phone. We offer customers a comfortable waiting area with vending machines, high-definition TVs, magazines, and newspapers. Check out the parts and gear boutique for a more customized driving experience.

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