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Automotive Paint Services Near Lawrence, MA at Nucar Lowell Collision Center

Your vehicle’s paint job is one of the first things that people notice about it, so it makes sense that you’d want it to look good — but the paint is also more than simply an aesthetic accent. Your vehicle’s paint job provides a vital service by protecting the metal body underneath, keeping the panels from becoming corroded. If your paint has been chipped, scratched, cracked, or otherwise compromised, it’s in your vehicle’s best interests to have it repaired as soon as possible. Nucar Lowell Collision Center is proud to be your source for automotive paint repair services near Lawrence, Massachusetts! We are conveniently located just over ten miles from Lawrence, Massachusetts, so it’s a quick and easy drive — and we make it well worth the trip. Find out more here!

How Automotive Painting Works at Nucar Lowell Collision Center Near Lawrence, MA

Before we start, we will assess the damage. If the scratches don’t go deeper than the vehicle’s clear coat, you may not need paint. However, damage that is deeper than the clear coat needs to be painted. We will prepare the surface to be painted, which includes priming, sanding, and cleaning. Once the area is prepared, we use high-quality painting tools to apply new paint that matches your old paint job. We’ll finish off with another clear coat application to the area, allowing your vehicle to stay better protected while looking great.

Choose Nucar Lowell Collision Center for Paint Service Near Lawrence, MA

At Nucar Lowell Collision Center, we hold ourselves to the highest standards. We carry a wide selection of automotive paint and can expertly match it to your vehicle’s paint job. We work quickly and with impressive precision; you’ll be pleased with how great your vehicle looks once we’re through with it! Nucar Lowell Collision Center is proud to work with all makes and models.

Schedule Automotive Paint Service Near Lawrence, MA Today

No matter what kind of paint damage your vehicle has, you can be sure it gets the service it needs by scheduling an appointment online at Nucar Lowell Collision Center. Reach out to us over the phone or set up an estimate online.

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