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Fender Repair Service at Nucar Lowell Collision Center Near Chelmsford, MA

There’s a reason why minor accidents are often called “fender benders.” Your fender is likely to get scratched, dented, or otherwise damaged in many types of collision. At Nucar Lowell Collision Center, we can help you get your vehicle back to its peak. Our service center is located just about six miles from Chelmsford, Massachusetts, so we are a convenient place to bring your vehicle for fender service. Find out more here before heading to ​​Nucar Lowell Collision Center!

Fender Repair Service Near Chelmsford, MA at Nucar Lowell Collision Center

The fenders are the body panels located between the bumper and the front doors. They include the front wheel wells. If the fenders are damaged, there are several potential negative consequences. As part of the crumple zone, the fenders play an important role in protecting you from damage in case of an accident; damaged fenders can make the crumple zone less capable of absorbing damage. If the fenders are dented, they can develop corrosion. What’s more, severe dents may interfere with your wheels. If your fenders have any damage at all, take the short drive from Chelmsford, Massachusetts to Nucar Lowell Collision Center. Our technicians will perform a thorough inspection and let you know the extent of the damage and the steps they recommend taking. This may involve something as simple as paintless or traditional dent repair, or it may mean replacing the fender.

Choose Nucar Lowell Collision Center for Fender Service Near Chelmsford, MA

Our close location makes Nucar Lowell Collision Center an attractive choice for drivers in Chelmsford, Massachusetts, but that’s far from the only reason why drivers choose us for automotive repairs like fender service. We are proud to employ highly trained and qualified technicians who can perform repairs with ease using our advanced tools. We work hard to make sure every part of the repair process is easy for you.

Schedule Fender Repair Service Near Chelmsford, MA at Nucar Lowell Collision Center

If your fender needs to be looked at, we invite you to schedule a free estimate at Nucar Lowell Collision Center! You can do so by giving us a call or by using our online service scheduling tool. Either way, we look forward to seeing you and helping you get your vehicle back to its best here at Nucar Lowell Collision Center, not far from Chelmsford, Massachusetts.

Come to Nucar Lowell Collision Center for Certified Collision Repairs

We provide local drivers with a comprehensive auto body and collision repair menu according to certified standards. We demonstrate our commitment to collision repair excellence by investing in a team of certified technicians who become experts through intensive training and direct experience, a state-of-the-art facility with the latest collision repair technologies, and only installing genuine OEM parts matching the original’s integrity. Contact us regarding your courtesy damage repair estimate and schedule an appointment at Nucar Lowell Collision Center

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