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Bumper Repair & Services in Lowell, Serving Lawrence, Billerica, and Andover, MA

All vehicles have bumpers positioned to absorb impacts in a collision. Bumpers range from simple to complex. Rest assured that if you have any kind of bumper damage, we can restore the pre-damaged structural integrity and appearance. Our certified technicians have extensive experience providing bumper repairs for all makes and models. We operate a state-of-the-art facility with all of the newest equipment necessary for all levels of bumper damage. Contact us for a free bumper damage assessment and estimate. Schedule service today at Nucar Lowell Collision.

The Importance of Prompt Bumpers Repairs

Bumpers are structural components that need to be in the best condition possible if another impact occurs because they are part of your vehicle’s crumble zones that reduce the force felt by the driver and passengers if impacted. You could sustain a worse injury if in an accident without a bumper at peak integrity. Bumpers are also important for aesthetics. A damaged bumper looks bad and decreases the resale value. Beyond safety and aesthetic value, modern bumpers have embedded advanced driver assistance systems that are often damaged during collisions. Bumper repair service includes installing advanced driver assistance system components and calibrating the system for reliable performance.

Our Bumper Repair Process

Bumper repair service starts with a damage inspection and repair estimate. We can help streamline claim approval if insurance is involved by communicating directly with insurance agents. Once the claim is approved, we order the replacement parts necessary to restore structural integrity, functionality, and appearance. This might include driver assistance sensors, marker lamps, brake cooling ducts, turn signals, decorative trim, air intakes, and marker lamps.

Free Bumper Repair Estimate

Being involved in a collision with extensive bumper damage needing repairs is usually an unexpected hassle and expense. We provide free written bumper repair estimates by a certified technician. The written estimate includes the parts damaged, how we plan to fix them, and the repair price.


Schedule a free estimate and repair service online or by phone. We have a simple contact us form that customers can fill out with basic details. Once submitted, a service advisor will contact you shortly regarding the estimate or repair service scheduling. We welcome all insurance companies, so don’t hesitate to contact us if your bumper damage and repair involves an insurance claim.

Contact us

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